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This is really interesting to read.

I myself is living and seeing the third type of winter, in Hong Kong, after Shanghai and southern Finland. We see hongkongers who can't wait to put on their down jacket when the temperature drops just below 20 celcius degrees, which is summer in Finland when people there really dress like in hottest summer days and swim in lakes. Then the weatherman on radio and tv would repeatedly warn people that it's Very Very cold when it goes down to 13 degrees, reinforcing the message by telling how many elders in the city have just called for help because of the cold. For us, it's like God (or whoever controls it) forgets to press the button when it's time to switch autumn to winter in Shanghai, and we get to enjoy a prolonged best time of the year. No fuss over winter gear this year.

Hey Liuyan,

Thanks for dropping by. Didnt know you were in HK!? Welcome back to Asia. Hopefully Candice and I will see you guys sometime soon. -Jarrett

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