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Hi Jarrett, it looks great. I hope you get all the legal issues sorted out and that it is a great success

Wow! Congratulations, Jarrett. Can't wait to see you there... maybe on our way through in a few months?

Congratulations! Everyone looks happy and the concrete box has done you proud.

Looks great, Wris. Good job. Take a nap.


Have been following your blog for a while. Can't wait to step inside and taste all your hard work! See you next week.

Jarrett, WOW. Makin' me proud. Much love to you and Candice!

Thanks for all of your support, guys. Really, it means a great deal to me to come here and read a few words of encouragement! Karen -- looking forward to it. Paul, come in anytime and say hi, I have a few vegetarian dishes for you. Echo, thanks for always dropping by and saying hi. STC, your advice has been invaluable. And Nancy, we just met but do introduce yourself when you come by. And Char-char, I hope you can make it back over here someday to eat with me. The menu would make you happy, it's all comfort food.

mazel tov! the pics look fantastic. hope to visit some day.

Looks amazing - we're coming over, especially if you serve those chicken wings! Love to Mrs W xx

Thanks Zac, and Nat. I hope to see you both sidle up someday. J

Hey there! My mom turned me onto your blog and I've been following your progress. It looks great. Good luck with your opening. Who know.. .maybe we'll make it there someday. Courtney (Shelley's daughter)

Looks great and best of luck with your new venture. Your mom keeps us in the loop with all the happenings.Nancy

i haven't made such a major thing in my life but i've learned how much work it takes to get some seemlingly small things done. that was very brave of you two. best luck ahead.

Courtney! Wow. It's great to hear from you, thanks for dropping by. I hope we meet sometime soon. LY, as always, thanks for the kind words. And Nancy, what will it take to get you guys over here?

Very happy for you and proud of you!
Hope the legal issues aren't major.
Zora and I miss the food over there.

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