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So that means I can sneak in my own booze and you won't kick me out? ;-)

PS: Now wait a second... will you spit on my food?

PPS: Keep up the awesome work and kick some ass, so you can focus on what matters: put great food (and awesome cocktails) on the table, and be nice to nice people. I'm all for a strictly enforced no-asshole policy at Soul Food :-)

Last Friday it happened to me too! At a set 2 course dinner for 230 we had 8 vegetarians and 1 gluten free vegetarian turn up without notice or the courtesy of phoning ahead, the function for 70(all men) ate the same amount as my function for 130- and rang down for more food twice- they even took leftovers from my other function, and as it was a cold night 2 other box suites rang and requested double the amount of hot food as normal. I love to cater for everyone, but if I have no courtesy extended to me or my team, we will be unable to extend the same to the customer. Food InTolerances are not the customers fault, but certainly their responsibility, and extra food is difficult to find and prepare at a moments notice when my orders have been set 2 days before!

The customer is not always right, but they need to cut us some slack! Have they not realised they should not annoy those who prepare their food? Goodness knows what might happen to it :)

Thanks for your comments, guys.

Mike, I'd never spit on anybody's food! I do think that's a myth -- I can't imagine a grown-up doing something like that. I support your anti-asshole proposition. Actually, my customers are cool. I like em.

IntolerantChef -- I feel your pain. Nothing worse than a service that kicks your ass without warning... on that note, it's time to open my doors.

This is a really well written article, and I've always said "The customer is always wrong, it's just good for business to tell them they are right"

J, you're a great writer. Keep it up.

p.s. I don't mean to be a... nevermind, who am I kidding. It's an aphorism, not an altruism, silly gooseliver. Though in fairness it might be an aphorism about altruism.


I believe you're right, Eymean -- what we have here is an altruistic aphorism -- two words that would almost certainly get your ass kicked if you uttered them in concert, in junior high school.

You're a great editor, too. Could I email you my copy before I post it? I could use some help with that...

Cheers, J

It's the first time I seach this site and I am really enthusiastic about so many good articles.

I agree with Uggs.

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