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Love your work.
Can't wait for my next trip to BKK.
I'll definitely be testing the bar offerings :-)

Thanks Chef.

Come on down. Hopefully, by then, I won't be making drinks!


I don't write much about drinks. I think this silence stems from a stint, in 2003/04, as a reviewer of bars in Shanghai. Even in my mid-twenties, with an ambitious liver and a thirst for discovering new places, this was not a great gig. Most bars are not very interesting, when one is forced to write about them. Even less so with a research headache. The cocktail scene in Shanghai, circa 2003, wasn't terribly interesting either (it is more so, now). But over the last few months at Soul Food the bar and I have become bedfellows, so I thought...

Venice resident Rhonda DeVictor said she noticed the empty lot when she first moved into the neighborhood 12 years ago

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