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Welcome back Jarrett. For what it's worth, I'm glad you're back at the keyboard and look forward to reading your restaurant tales.
Greetings from Gib,

Looking forward to it, Jarrett.


I look forward to reading your posts again, too! You have too much good stuff to say. Twitter does not do you justice.

(I could use some of your food, too)

Thanks Brian and Scott, I appreciate it.

Next time we're in NYC I'll cook you some, Peter. Would love to do an impromptu Forking Fantastic-style Isaan party. I'll post some recipes soon, I think. Best to Zora.

Jarrett, I was thinking of cooking Thai food for *you* here! That thought of you cooking for me is simply too exciting to let me sleep at night.

I finished that bottle of Megachef fishsauce a while back and have been cooking slightly lesser Thai food ever since.

Anyway, keep in mind that you're always welcome here at our place, should you ever be in NYC.

Should we not see you here first, there's a chance we'll be back in Bangkok in January, happily ensconced at our guaranteed "catamite"-free hotel. Our plan may be to take the Trans-Siberian to Beijing in December and continue overland. Should that happen, we'll talk first.

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