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Looking at the time this was posted, I'm guessing that you were tapping this out as I was demolishing mind-bogglingly awesome gaeng hang lay behind you. So nice to eat somewhere where you can actually taste the ingredients, as well as the sum total. Props to you, sir. I'll be back, and the tamarind ribs have my name all over them.

Hi Mil,

Yep, I was sitting there at the bar hammering away whist you were eating. And Im really glad you liked it. Puts a smile on my face. Cheers.

"Meanwhile American Jarrett Wrisley, who runs Soul Food Mahanakorn and who has been cited in the press making pro-Thompson statements, has been arrested and charged with endangering national security by offering a dish called “nam prik two ways,” when, according to a statement by the CNC, “everyone knows that it should be offered only one way: by a real Thai, not some food geek from Pennsylvania.”


Good luck!
Can agree with the beer comment, I get myself a beer half an hour before closing as a reward for the kilometers run that evening.

I thought that article was pretty damn hilarious.

Hi Jarrett,

Congratulations on your new joint...!!!

Found you via an article on the BBC:


Welcome to the "other" side...


daniel chia
ex-Club Shanghai

Hey Daniel. Long time no speak! Yup, its a whole new world over here....

A treadmill it may be, but would you really swap it for anything else?

Not yet!

I like this site. go to the blog of me. thank you!

Dear, please remeber that don't miss your smile forever!

J, where's On Nut Market exactly? And is there one on Phra Khanong? Tell me please! I'm in need of a neighborhood market.

Hey There --

The On Nut market -- the best on the Sukhumvit line, as far as I know -- is opposite the Carrefour supermarket near BTS On Nut. Get off the train, walk back up Sukhumvit (towards downtown) 2 blocks, and take a right at the light. Its halfway up that street on the left hand side. Phra Khanong does have a fresh market, I think, but Ive never been. Too attached to my local to switch.  

Running on a treadmill i think is very rewarding if you look at the positive side of it. You may never have enough time for certain things but you should learn to balance everything.. At the end of the day, your life is very fruitful.

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