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Nice work to get a write up in the Telegraph today! Really looking forward to you opening - I think your place is just down the road from us. Good luck with the last few weeks..

Thanks Becky. Stop by when were open and say hi.

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I found your story in the Telegraph, though I live in Bangkok. Your restaurant sounds an exciting venture, particularly as you are not a trained chef.

I found a story in an Australian newspaper the other day about another farang food writer, David Thompson, who is opening a restaurant in Bkk, this one also inspired by street food. However, his will be hidden away in some big city hotel.

May I ask where your restaurant is opening?

By the way, may I also recommend the following blog...my boyfriend is Thai and is a good cook himself.


Hi ok so we have read all about you but WHERE is the restaurant...................

Hi Ric. Sorry about that. The restaurant will be at 56/10 soi thonglor (sukhamvit soi 55). Its about 150meters up the street from sukhamvit, on the right side. Working on map and website now.

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Hi Dreamer,


Thanks for stopping by. I dont want to speak for Chef Thompson, but his restaurant isnt really a street food place (though there might be some riffs on street dishes). He DID recently write a book called Thai Street Food and that might be why he was discussing it. I was lucky enough to get into his place (Nahm) for a pre-opening tasting and can say that the food is cooked with great care and precision. Its excellent Thai food, coming from a dedicated chef. Bangkok needs a restaurant like hi. Oh, and its not really hidden in a big hotel, its in the Metropolitan on Sathorn and its their flagship restaurant. It pretty much feels like a stand alone.


Now, on to mine. Its really a bar. With things like fried chicken and grilled things and salads and other trappings to drink and be merry with. My food is certainly not on the same plane as what Davids doing. But it should be delicious, I hope, and fun. Stop by in September and see what you think. Im sure well really really be open by the middle of that month.  

The life always lost before you found.

One thing that we do is pancakes on Saturday morning - a tradition that we really wanted to do with the kiddos. Is there any chance you have a recipe for pancakes without eggs or milk (tall order...I know). I did find a website that sells box mixes, but since they are already more expensive, and I have to pay shipping, it would be nice if I can find a recipe I can make at home.

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