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Running a restaurant is a wonderful dream, and I wish you all the best in achieving it. I hope you will have a trustworthy partner, as you have to watch everything of value all the time, or the brutal truth is that its being stolen from you.

The Suk tourist area of Bkk is not overwhelmed with great places to eat, though rent might be costly. Do a few popular things really well (a refined Suk Soi 5 chicken, for example!), and slip the exotic, foody stuff in on the side.

Interested to hear what your intended audience is; what the per-check baht target is; how you see the 'look' of the place; what the ambience should be, etc. Again, good luck!!

Hi Ian,

Thanks. The menu will be anchored by some really simple, well-executed things - grilled and fried chicken, for example - and some soulful, regional Thai food like khao soi, larb, nahm priks, etc. No curries really - stuff to snack on, like a Thai version of a tapas bar. And thats what itll be (a bar) with some interesting cocktails, affordable wines (very imp to me) and a better beer selection than most. I want to create the kind of place thatd Id like to have but dont - a place to meet up with friends, drink a cold beer or have a strong drink, and eat good Thai food without sweating my ass off. I love street food dearly, but especially now, eating outside isnt all that appealing. So Ill bring it inside, put it on some nice plates, and play some music too. Avg check probably in 350-400 range with a drink or two. Look depends on the final space - but im looking for an old shophouse to fit out. I want people to feel like theyre in Bangkok.  

Best - J

Times are tough right now, but resourceful honest folks can still triumph. I wish you every success with this.

Thanks for the added detail - it sounds great, especially the air-con! I hope you'll do a Miang Kham, as westerners are usually excited by it the first time they have it, and it can be varied in so many ways. With any luck, you will be up & nruning by the time I make it back there.

Oh there will be miang kham - with crispy, delicious, sour and spicy things to stuff inside. And homemade sausages. And more. Thanks Ian.

And you too Boostong! Come over and introduce yourself when I'm up and running. Cheers.

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