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That's wonderful! Glad you found a site that you like.

hey hey! so exciting. i can't wait to see how it all unfolds. keep us posted.

p.s. i am so (secretly) envious. details, please

Pictures dude, pictures! Super excited for you, and can't wait to dine there some day - hopefully before you become world-famous...

Thanks all you guys!

Ill have pics soon... but now it sort of looks like a dirty concrete box. More on that later...


Thats an up & coming area, with a lot of good places to eat. See this guide, for example: http://importfood.com/thonglor_guide.html. I think it will become more & more of a tourist destination area, so its a greta area to set up.

Thanks Ian.

Stop by when it's all said and done.

Atha and Amy - I'll give ya lots more details soon. But for now, well, we're waiting for life in Bangkok to return to normal.


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