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Hey there,
Catching up on webreading and saw this - K&I just had one last night here in Vientiane. I'd given up on Tab Tim done that style in Thailand the last couple of years because they always taste dirty (a result, I suspect, of fish farming). Last night's was fantastic.
Just sayin' is all.

Hey Jerry,

I avoid Tab Tim (Tilapia) for the same reason. No matter how much seafood sauce I splash on it, and how many herbs I stuff in the lettuce, it generally tastes like mud. Ive read that that species is one of, if not the most efficient source of animal protein farming. Theyre very tolerant to temp, crowding, disease, etc... So I gave up.  Thats a sea bass I grilled - also farmed - and Ive found they can be pretty muddy too, though my local fishmonger at the Suanplu Market sells a very good quality sea bass. Tip - leave the scales on, and the skin puffs up and peels right off like parchment.   

But, glad to hear you had a good one. I wonder if it was wild? Is there such a thing anymore?

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