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That would be the first restaurant we'd love to try out when we make it to bangkok! Struggle hard and have fun!

Hey Jarrett,

Sounds like a natural progression of your interests. The restaurant sounds great and can't wait to check it out and read about it.
Best of luck,

Ly, Yuan - Thanks guys. Come on down when its ready. And keep reading! - J

If that's not reason to get back to Bangkok, I don't know what is! And unlike most people with a just a vision, yours is actually a good one. I think you'll be a rich mogul soon, with your own celebrity line of food carts.

But jukeboxes shouldn't be free! Part of the fun is nervously weighing your remaining credits with the songs you want. Plus, if the jukebox is free, some idiot will just put in a million songs and you'll never hear the song *you* want to hear.

[Not to mention they can make some money.]

And I have faith you'll stock it with very good music.

Good point on the jukebox! 

Peter, come on back with Zora when this is all up and running. Well feed ya well. Cheers.

Jarrett, I'm just catching up on news of the world. Congratulations and best wishes! We will, of course, be dependable customers. (And I might have to request an interview after you get up and running....) We're heading to BKK again tonight, but only for a quick night before CNX.

Thanks so much Karen! Give me a shout the next time you guys come through and well meet and grab something to eat. Safe travels, and Ill keep ya posted on my progress. Be well! 

Burp, already! Good to sample Austin's gumbo withya!

Hello Jarrett,

I have followed your writing for some time now and I truly look forward to eating at your restaurant. I live in Bangkok. Have you decided on an area and do you have a timeline when you might be opening?

Hi Mark,

Thanks! I am currently looking for space, and incorporating in Thailand. Its going to take a few months before all is up and running. But it should be pretty unique when its said and done. I think Ill be in the Silom/Sathorn area, but Im not entirely sure yet. Finding a good location, with a reasonable landlord, is one of many challenges Im facing at the moment. Ill keep you posted with updates here and at The Atlantic. Come introduce yourself when Im ready for business! -Jarrett 

One of my fantasies has always been to run a restaurant that served delicous spicy food. Its a tough business, true, but others have done it, and I hope you can too. I have greatly enjoyed your writing here, and took advantage of your reviews when in bangkok, my favorite city. Best of luck, and do keep in touch with us all.

Hey Ian,

Thanks for your support. Bangkok, for all its flaws, is my favorite city too. Hopefully the next time youre here Ill be up and running, and can feed you. Do stop by and say hello.


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