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A very interesting article Jarrett. I imagine for most foreigners currently living or those, like myself, who have lived in China the only side of the censorship one sees is the great firewall. We don't get to see the much more direct and personal censorship that you discuss here at all.

Thanks for that!

word to Jesus. The netizens here are as aware as many and more than a lot of others out there. When Google un-censored its search results yesterday, thousands and thousands of people got online and looked up Tiananmen, not necessarily because what happened on 6.4 is of great relevance to them today, but because they COULD. and the comments were overwhelmingly in support of Google's move. People here respect anyone who has the balls to stand up, because most people here don't.

Hi guys,

Thanks for reading. This is just a small, personal note on how censorship plays out in the PRC. The real injustice in with local media outfits, and the frightening amount of Chinese writers and activists locked away. My hope is that all this economic progress will function as a sort of anti-anxiety pill for the leadership in Beijing, so that they relax their controls. But I guess that's been the theory all along, and it hasn't exactly played out that way.

Hi. chanced upon this post. Love your writing. Coming from Singapore, a country that is also known for its media censorship, I feel grateful that the SG government is GRADUALLY (slowly but surely) loosening her grip.

Please keep writing!

Thanks Sylvia. Ill do my best with the writing! Its getting pretty busy w restaurant now but Ill do my best! J

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