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That's hardcore. When I see shirts that have strikingly similar sentiments on display at shops down at st. marks place they come off as humorous. but, it doesn't looking into this boys eyes. but maybe that's just because i'm a westerner tho?

Hey John, thanks for stopping by.

Hard to say. He may have been considering lopping off my arm with his machete, and stealing the camera I was poking into his face.

Honestly, though, many of the Sasak people that I encountered in Lombok wore this stern expression. The island has not been 'blessed' with the tourist boom of Bali, and Lombok has had a pretty rough go in the past decades, with violent uprisings and famine. Things don't grow all that well there, and it's pretty poor because of the sparse agriculture. Add to that a run on property, and people can barely afford to live on their own land.

Immediately after I took this photo, that same boy (who was mute) and his friend picked the seat-locks of two motorbikes, and sucked the gas out of their tanks with a runner tube. The bikes were driven by Indonesian tourists who were watching the sunset. As the gas poured into plastic bottles from that tube, they smiled at me.

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